What We Play

Hear something on our station that doesn’t sound Canadian?

Here are some examples of the artists you may wonder about and why we play them:

  • Alice Cooper – Hello Hurray was written by Canadian Rolf Peter Kempf
  • B.B. Gabor – (Hungarian-born, Canadian citizen)
  • Bad Company – Paul Rodgers (UK-born, Canadian citizen)
  • Buffalo Springfield – songs written by Neil Young (Canadian citizen)
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – songs written by Neil Young (Canadian citizen)
  • Free – Paul Rodgers (UK-born, Canadian citizen)
  • Heart – Canadian-based when Dreamboat Annie was recorded in Vancouver
  • Linda Ronstadt – the song Heart Like A Wheel was written by Anna McGarrigle
  • Mamas and Papas – the song I Saw Her Again was written my band member Denny Doherty
  • Moby Grape = co-founder Skip Spence is Canadian born
  • Steppenwolf – John Kay (German-born, career started while living in Canada)
  • The Band – all members are/were Canadian except Levon Helm